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Our Story

About Us

"We do not make mistakes only happy little accidents"
- Bob Ross

Henrik Svensk creates art and design with reflective spontaneity. With acrylic, heat, and rapid movements, he creates organic and abstract works of art, and with additive design in three dimensions, he designs stylish and dynamic interior details in fully degradable natural materials.

The goal is to break free from conventional art, and let the creation be controlled by the moment so that the viewer can freely interpret the work from their own perspectives and experiences. The meeting between the colors that collide like waves in his artwork, and the complex shapes in his design, speaks of organized chaos, and which, like nature and man himself, has the opportunity to exist and spontaneously develop in the space in which they are. 

Our Impact

Svensk Konst makes an impression on the world, not on the planet

All sculptures are 3d printed with PLA. 

​All that is used is PLA which is an environmentally friendly plastic made from cornstarch or sugar cane and can rot completely. See the picture.

​Institutions that support this are, for example, The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

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